Doctor: Naoki Iwasa

Hello, this is Naoki Iwasa from Hashima Animal Clinic.

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I am affiliated with Hashima Animal Clinic as well as the Laboratory of Veterinary Internal Medicine at Gifu University, where I am conducting clinical research. This research is mainly focused on the circulatory organs and kidney-related research. I am particularly interested in Cystatin C, which is a kidney biomarker, and I have made many presentations and written many papers on this subject. I hope to carry on working as a veterinarian while also continuing with my clinical research and making new discoveries and verifications in the field of veterinary medicine. I also look forward to attending international academic meetings such as ECVIM and ACVIM, where I will be able to mix with veterinarians from around the world. Thank you for your support.


List of papers (as lead author)

  • Iwasa, N., Nishii, N., Iwasa, K., Iwasa, T., Takashima, S., Suganuma, S., Sakai, H., Kitagawa, H. Case of pulmonary valve infective endocarpditis in a dog. J Jpn Vet Med Assoc 70: 375-379, 2017
  • Iwasa, N., Takashima, S., Iwasa, T., Iwasa, K., Suzuki, T., Kobatake, Y., Kitagawa, H. and Nishii, N. Prognostic value of serum cystatin C concentrations as a routine health examination in dogs. Res Vet Sci 119: 122-126, 2018.
  • Iwasa, N., Nishii, N., Takashima, S., Kobatake, Y., Nomura, S., Iwasa, K., Iwasa, T., Suzuki, T., Machida, N., Kitagawa, H.: Long-term management of high-grade atrioventricular block using cilostazol in a cat. JFMS Open Rep DOI: 10.1177/2055116919878913, 2019.
  • Iwasa, N., Takashima, S., Iwasa, T., Iwasa, K., Suzuki, T., Kumazawa, R., Nomura, S., Kobatake, Y., Kitagawa, H., Nishii, N.: Evaluation of monitoring methods in asymptomatic dogs with high serum cystatin C concentrations. J Vet Med Sci 81:1730-1734, 2019.
  • Iwasa, N., Takashima, S., Iwasa, T., Iwasa, K., Kumazawa, R., Nomura, S., Asami, S., Shimizu, M., Kobatake, Y., Nishii, N. Effect of age, sex, and breed on serum cystatin C and creatinine concentrations in dogs. Vet Res Commun (in press)